Our member spotlight of KC Certified Senior Housing Professionals Willy & Stacy Nelson.

One of the interesting things about a career in real estate is that people typically venture into it from many diverse backgrounds and careers. And, that can get even more interesting when the real estate business partnership is comprised of a wife and husband.

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Who is Willy Nelson Jr?

Willy professional (3)

Willy began his career working with a direct to consumer marketing company in 1997.  He would spend almost 6 years learning traditional marketing.  He built a sales organization of 550 marketing executives and producing a half million dollars in sales annually.  In 2003 he took his marketing expertise to a direct to consumer marketing company with a large online presence.  He would fall in love with building an organization online.  So an offline and online marketing marriage would occur!  As you are building a marketing team is important to have a balanced approach.  He would spend the next 11 years learning how to market effectively online using a combination of blogging, ads, and social media marketing.  He would go onto produce sales team globally that would produce millions of dollars of volume for global companies representing more than 7 different countries!

You might be asking yourself, why is it important for my agent to  have this kind of experience?  Simple!  With Willy’s experience he can market your home with a balanced online and offline campaign reaching qualified buyers in the local market and yet getting qualified buyers across the Globe through the network!  The end result for you? A SOLD sign in your front yard!

Willy is a native of the Kansas City area.  He grew up in Liberty, MO.  Willy and his wife Stacy reside at Lake Winnebago, MO.